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Silk Road Mining is a partner for the government and people of Afghanistan in exploring their mineral resources.

Silk Road’s innovative approach to mineral development in Afghanistan combines deep operational experience in Afghanistan with world class exploration skills from Canada, and strong financing from Kuwait.
This unique combination will ensure fast and effective exploration and development of the Shaida exploration area and any other deposits we work on.
Our team has an unmatched track record of employing and training local Afghans at all skill levels, and we have a history of meaningful social contributions around the world.
We will provide substantial social benefits to the people of Afghanistan through employment and training in our operations, our development of local subcontractors, our investment in mining sector development, and our direct social contributions.
Silk Road’s founders have personally committed 20% of their equity in the company to social development in Afghanistan.
As a local Afghan company, Silk Road’s long-term success is intimately linked with the success of the Afghan mining sector, the Afghan people and the Afghan nation.


Sam Sidiqi

Letter from the Chairman

Silk Road Mining and Development was created out of my belief that the mineral wealth in Afghanistan should be used to improve the quality of life of Afghan people now and for future generations.
I was born in Afghanistan, and later had my life changed by access to high quality and affordable education in the US.
I believe that with responsible management of our natural resources, we can begin to provide greater development opportunities to the Afghan people.
Our company's goal is to positively impact as many Afghan lives as possible over the long term through job creation, education and training.
By investing in human capital associated with the mining industry we can have a sustainable impact on the lives of Afghans involved in the mining industry and the overall economic growth of Afghanistan.

Our Leadership


Sam Sidiqi


Sam Sidiqi is the CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder of Silk Road Mining, the first company to receive a large-scale mining exploration license in Afghanistan. Sam also currently serves as an independent director with Afghanistan International Bank, the leading bank in Afghanistan. Previously Sam was CEO of RAK Properties, listed on the Abu Dhabi stock exchange and before that, he was CEO of National Real Estate Company, listed on the Kuwait exchange. Before his career in Real Estate, Sam worked for Agility Logistics in multiple geographies. He started his career with Bain and Company where he advised Fortune 500 companies on strategy. Sam received his MBA from Wharton and his MA from the University of Pennsylvania. He has degrees in economics and political science from MIT.


Christopher Logan


Christopher is a cofounder of Silk Road mining and previously served as its CEO for its critical start up years. Christopher currently serves as Managing Director for Accenture where he is the freight and logistics lead for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Christopher has been recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and has made numerous contributions to the work of the forum. Previously Christopher served as President for Livingston USA, as the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of Agility, and as a Principal at Mercer Management Consulting. Christopher has a degree in Business Administration from Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.

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